Attic Work to be Performed

An attic inspection has been conducted for the first time in the association’s history in late March, 2018. On April 10th St Johns Court HOA was notified of water leaking into a residence through the kitchen ventilation shafts.

This has prompted the board to issue multiple bids for a solution. The board is confident with our choice & has built positive relations with this contractor. No-sub contractors will be performing the work-order in a effort to keep cost low.

Additionally, due to the hard work of the board’s cost cutting efforts along with increases in efficiencies, we’re happy to announce funding for this project will not require a direct upfront cost. The board recognizes it has a due-diligence duty in serving the interest of all owners & has taken this task to heart. We realize some owners have notified Blue Mountain management in the past of this very issue, yet a gap in communication has largely kept the HOA in the dark until April 10th when the HOA was notified directly. Please feel free to send us an email directly at We promise a prompt & informed response.

Our current board members are working very meticulously & we’re excited about massive improvements coming your way as the summer unfolds. We look forward to a formal presentation at our local community center in the near future. Be on the lookout for notices!